Ever wonder why your installation of a Sitecore Package is taking longer than expected? Try the below steps:

  1. Check your logs.
  2. In your logs, check for Mongo DB related errors.
  3. If you see an error like “localhost:27017 is not reachable,” then make sure your Mongo DB services are up and running.
  4. If you are trying to run the MongoDB service and it is not running, then make sure to check the windows logs.
  5. In my case I was running low on disk space, which caused the MongoDB service failure.
  6. Basically, having low disk space caused Mongo services to not start automatically and took some time to figure out why the package installer were taking so long.

Make sure to have more than 6 GB space available (in my case after a 5GB clean up, Mongo was running) and make sure to check if the Mongo services are running or not whenever you experience that packages are taking forever to install.

Here is another good article to read if your installation is really messed up.

This fun tip can also be utilized to check if the package installer has prompted any model dialogs that you were not aware of.