Sometimes after configuring the SC and AD modules you may find a need to add a new domain for CAs to be added to the SC. SC AD module makes this easy. Just follow this simple steps from the AD configuration guide and you can do it.

The Active Directory module and the Sitecore security model allow you connect to as many AD domains as you wish. You may want to the managers in your company headquarters and the developers in your regional office to access one Sitecore CMS installation.
To connect to multiple domains this, you must configure one or more sets of providers in the web.config file:

  • Add a connection string to the new AD domain.
  • Add a membership provider definition.
  • Add a role provider definition.
  • Add a profile provider definition (if you wish to share the user profile).
  • Add a new Sitecore CMS domain and point it to the new set of providers.

This steps are covered here in the Active Directory Configuration steps 4-11.

For more information about configuring extra security providers, refer Low-level Sitecore Security and Custom Providers