While we were working on the Sitecore 8.1 Update 3 with latest Brightcove player and connector some of team members ran into issues installing WFFM if their SOLR was already configured and running. Issues were mainly compatibility among SOLR, Brightcove and WFFM. If we were not installing them in correct order or with precautions then WFFM module was never getting installed. We tried opening support ticket with Sitecore and found that Brightcove is still not compatible to work with SOLR and it is logged as the feature request 60907. You can follow this link to track the feature request status here https://kb.sitecore.net/articles/853187.

But when i looked at the SC configs i found that Sitecore should be flexible enough for us to allow running SOLR and Lucene both  at the same time and that’s why we thought we might have a chance to run the SOLR, Lucene, Brightcove and WFFM all together.

And wola if you follow below steps you can make it happen. If you run into issues please let me know and I will be happy to help!!!

1) Make sure to have Lucene up and running. This should be default built in indexes. Try building them, if they are successful in building goto step 2.

2) Install the Brightcove and WFFM modules.

3) If you have SOLR already configured and are having issues installing Brightcove and WFFM then follow below steps:

  • Goto deploy site app_config/include folder
  • Search for solr 
  • Cut paste all the SOLR files and store it on your desktop/new folder for future reference.
  • Go back to sitecore and installation wizard
  • Run BrightCove and WFFM packages
  • complete post install steps.

4) Go back to the desktop→new folder location and cut paste all the files for SOLR and paste it to site’s deploy location app_config/include folder.

5) Make sure global.asax.cs file have the SOLR specific code enabled.

6) Make sure to start SOLR server on particular port now.

7) Once SOLR server starts make sure to recycle app pool of the site and wait for a while before you load site.

8) load the site and goto sitecore → control panel → indexing manager.

9) Check that if SOLR and Lucene indexes are aligned well in the indexing manager or you are able to build them successful. Often if your SOLR indexes are not aligned well in the indexing manager may indicate that something is wrong with the SOLR. (Note: On load balanced SOLR this may not be the case but on local instance this sometimes is a quick indication of SOLR having issues)

10) If they are not then find the Sitecore.ContentSearch.config file from your matchin Sitecore version’s fresh install and replace it on your app_config/include folder.

  • Reason is this file gets corrupted sometime so lets make sure we have the latest and fresh.

11) Lets go back to control panel → indexing manager.

12) Lucene and SOLR should be aligned now. (If they are still not aligned then refer the logs, sometimes your SOLR services may be shutdown so  make sure to check that and reload indexing manager)

13) Kick off the rebuild indexes. Wait for indexes to be finished.

14) Goto the sitecore content tree → media library → media framework

15) select any account and then goto the media content folder. select media content folder and the ribbon.

16) In ribbon select media framework. Click import all

17) after import you should be able to see the video items in buckets for all of the videos from brightcove.

18) go to sitecore → systems → web form for marketers and make sure to check for the WFFM forms are there or not.

19) This should ensure all the WFFM, BrightCove, Lucene and SOLR are working or not.

20) Happy Set up!!!