Sitecore workflow is one of the least fully explored section of the sitecore. Lot of time developers or clients ask me how can i receive emails from the workflow’s different status? And for obvious reasons you need some indication other then your workbox to know what or where you need to make update or approval to your contents.

Often developers think this can be custom email workflow but infact Sitecore does provide this feature out of the box. Yes you can receive periodical alerts for the workflow status from out of the box sitecore. Those emails does contain some useful information which will be covered in my future blog post but here are the steps for CA to utilize this out of the box feature of sitecore.

For this blog post perspective, i am assuming you know how to create workflow and its different status. So this will only focus on how to utilize RSS feature of workflow and then how to configure it successfully in the outlook to receive periodic updates at desired interval.

In order to do that first goto the sitecore login screen, login and from the dashboard goto the workbox.

From workbox, select the appropriate workflow as show below:


Upon selecting workflow you will see that workflow box and when you expand it you will see different status of that workflow.

If you notice as highlighted below each workflow have a parent RSS feed and each subtask of those workflow have their own RSS feeds.


So you can either subscribe to all activities of a work flow or you can subscribe to the state of a workflow which is of your concern.

To subscribe to RSS click on the RSS icon of desired state. It should open and new tab with an URL like below:

copy the URL and goto the outlook and follow below steps:


Step 1: Find the RSS feeds section in your outlook

Step 2: Right click the RSS Feeds

Step 3: Select Add a New RSS Feed

Step 4: On opening modal New RSS Feed dialog enter/paste the above URL for RSS state you want to subscribe to and press ADD.

Upon adding the new RSS feed you will see under the RSS Feeds you will see a new folder created under the RSS Feeds with the name of the workflow state you have subscribed to.


And if you have any items in that state of workflow you will get the email too.

It is this easy to utilize the RSS feeds and subscribe to it.

By default outlook will set the RSS frequency but If you want to configure how often to receive the emails from the RSS feeds then follow this steps :


step 1: Goto outlooks’s send/receive tab and select the send/receive group from the ribbon

step 2: expand the send/receive groups by clicking arrow next to it

step 3: select the define send/receive groups section

Upon selecting step 3 you will see below dialog:


Follow these steps to create a new send/receive group.

Step 1: Select New button

Step 2: On the model dialog name the send/receive group you want in this example it is RSS

Step 3: When you press OK in Step 2 it will open a new dialog box and as shown above please make sure to deselect all other email account or RSS account then the RSS feed you are trying to subscribe to.

Step 4: Select the RSS icon

Step 5: From the opening dialog select the list of Feed name select the RSS Feed you want to subscribe to. Please make sure you have selected the checkbox next to text “Include RSS Feeds in this Send/Receive group”

Step 6: Press OK


On the opening dialog you will notice that now your newly created RSS group is present and you can select that RSS send/receive group. From this you will notice the section “Setting for group RSS”.

From that section you can set the desired interval on how often you want to select the RSS Feeds.

And once you configure this every time when there is an item in this workflow state you will receive the email as shown in fourth screenshot of this post at set interval.

Happy content loading!!!