When we build workflows for the content editors in sitecore, often content authors locks an item and forgot to check in. Other content author wants to work on the same item and now sitecore says its locked by other content author so what you do? It is actually very easy to unlock sitecore item which is locked by the content author in sitecore for sitecore admin. Follow below steps to unlock an item in sitecore with admin role.

Unlock an Item in Sitecore

A user with Admin Rights can unlock an Item in Sitecore.

Open your Sitecore Content Editor.

image2016-3-10 9-34-10

On the left most side of the content Editor, the column on the left of the content tree, is known as “Gutter”.


image2016-3-10 9-34-19

Right Click on “Gutter” and make sure that you select “Locked Items” by clicking on the left hand side of the Text. 

image2016-3-10 9-34-27

By doing so, you shall be able to see all locked Items in the Tree. These items will have a “lock” icon beside them. This icon is known as “padlock” icon.

image2016-3-10 9-34-35

Double Click on the Padlock Icon and the Item will be unlocked.